Snowy Mountains Medical Centre – Privacy Policy and Collection Statement

Snowy Mountains Medical Centre collects personal information from our patients to allow medical and nursing staff to comprehensively manage the health of our patients. Our privacy policy provides information to patients as to how their personal information (which includes their health information) is collected and used within the practice, and the circumstances in which we may disclose it to third parties.

Snowy Mountains Medical Centre is bound by the Federal Privacy Act (1988) and National Privacy Principles and also  complies with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act NSW (2002).

What Information Is Collected?

We collect personal information regarding our patients demographic, social and physical status. This includes the full name, address, date of birth, cultural background and next of kin or emergency contact details for each patient.

We also collect information related to our patient’s health care needs. This information may include reports from specialist health care providers, pathology centres, imaging companies and associated allied health providers. This information is addressed to your doctor and is received via mail, fax or electronic means.

We will also collect our patient’s past and current medications, medical history and relevant family medical history.

Patient information is stored electronically in an individual patient file.

Security of Information

Patient information is stored on a secure database in a dedicated clinical patient administration system. This database is only accessible to authorised staff and is password protected with staff having different levels of access. All staff members of our practice that have access to patient information (this includes medical and nursing students) have signed a confidentiality agreement. All information that the practice receives is transferred into an electronic document and stored in each patient’s personal file.

Disclosure of Patient Information

Snowy Mountains Medical Centre will NOT disclose patient information to any third party other than in the course of providing medical services, without full disclosure to the patient or the recipient, the reason for the information transfer and full consent from the patient. We will NOT disclose patient information to anyone outside of Australia without need and patient consent. Exceptions to disclose without patient consent are:

  1. Required by law, as in some infectious diseases, where Public Health Services need to be notified;
  2. When disclosure is deemed necessary to lessen or prevent a serious threat to a patient’s life, health or safety; or public health or safety.

Retaining Your Information

By law, Snowy Mountains Medical Centre is required to retain your medical records for seven years from your last visit to our practice. If the person is under 18 years of age, the records must be kept until the person has reached the age of 25 years. After this time, personal health information will be destroyed.

Patient Feedback:

We are always interested in the feedback of our patients and appreciate your views on aspects of our practice that you feel we are performing well and areas where we could improve. Please feel free to discuss with your doctor or nurse your feelings about our service. This information helps us to gain a better understanding of our current service performance. You may also offer your feedback in written form if you would prefer. Complaints can be directed to our Practice Manager/Director Dr Steve Breathour. Alternatively, you may prefer to contact the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission via telephone on 1800 043 159 or via email on

Complaints About Privacy Matters

Patients are welcome to forward their complaints either orally or written to the Practice Manager or Practice Director (Dr Steve Breathour). Our practice will investigate and document your complaint and discuss the situation at our regular staff meetings. Complaints and suggestions are utilised as learning tools within our practice to continue improving our quality of service and care.